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Flat roof problems

Flat roofs are still prevalent across the UK, particularly in areas with a large number of flats and apartment blocks. But low rise housing flat roofs are also found on extensions and in some areas, there are a large number of flat-roofed modernist houses. Whether you already own a property with a flat roof or […]

Different types of thatched roofs

What do you need to know about thatched roofs? Thatch is probably the most universal roof covering of all time and still remains popular today, there are many different types of thatched roofs depending on the area in which you are looking to buy Chocolate box cottages in quintessential British villages still attract buyers every […]

What are modern methods of construction?

The housing sector is facing a number of pressures with a drive to meet environmental targets in the way homes are built and the way they’re heated and powered.

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