Independent Property Valuation

A property valuation report will establish the market value of your property. The report may also include a reinstatement figure and highlight issues that require further investigation. But a valuation is not a survey. Only a comprehensive survey report is designed to highlight potential defects.

Types of property valuation

There are many reasons why you might need an independent property valuation. You may simply be interested in knowing the value of your property, or you may be a cash buyer seeking some guidance.

Alternatively, there may be a more specific reason why you need a valuation. Here are some of the most popular types of property valuation we offer:

Help to Buy valuation

If you’re selling your house, remortgaging or repaying your Help to Buy loan, you will need a Help to Buy valuation from a RICS-registered valuer.

Shared ownership / “staircasing” valuation

If you’re increasing your share of a shared-ownership property (often referred to as “staircasing”), you will require a shared ownership valuation from a RICS-registered valuer. This valuation will exclude any improvement works carried out by the share owner. Alternatively, if you decide the sell the property, you will need a valuation that includes details of any improvements that have been made.

Right to Buy valuation

If you’re buying your social housing property, you may wish to obtain your own valuation of the property, independently of your landlord.

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