Our guide to finding a property to buy

March 2022

finding a property to buy

Your step-by-step guide to buying a house

Our eight-step home buyer’s journey is designed to guide you through the process and answer some of the questions you may have. You can also email us with any questions or call us free of charge on 0800 169 9661.

We continue our eight-step journey with the questions you should ask yourself when looking for the right property to buy.


Step two: Finding a property

If you decide it’s the right time to buy a property, it’s time to start looking for the ideal home in the ideal location. As well as visiting local estate agents or online property websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla, you should also take a drive around your ideal location and check out the private advertisements in the local newspapers.

It’s important to research the local area and learn as much as you can about the property you’re thinking of buying. And don’t forget to ask the property owner all the questions you need answers to.

Here’s our checklist of essential questions to ask before you commit.

  1. How long has the seller lived there?
  2. Why is the seller moving, where to, and is there a chain?
  3. Has the property had many viewings/offers?
  4. How long has it been on the market?
  5. How long is the lease (if it has one)?
  6. Are there any parking issues outside the property?
  7. Who lives upstairs/downstairs/next door? What are they like?
  8. What repairs have been done?
  9. If there’s a real fireplace, is it safe to use?
  10. How old is the boiler and when was it last inspected?
  11. What’s included in the sale? White goods? Curtains? Wood burner?

To continue your home buyer’s journey, read step three: Securing a mortgage